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Demi Lovato Defends Cool For The Summer Lyrics After Being Accused Of Ripping Off Katy Perry! Read Her Cool Response!


Demi Lovato will not allow the enemy to avoid bringing up the rear his cool!

On Wednesday, the singer unhindered her new song cool for the summer .

While the job sizzled owing to the trees, arresting No. 1 all iTunes , some fans plotting the track was a bit too derivative of other pop stars as a woman Katy Perry and Jessie J

[Photo: Demi Lovato serves Cleavage, thigh and Midriff In New York! ]

Lovato the song lyrics on a hot summer topic with a additional woman:

“You have my mind on your body / And your body in my mind / You have a taste for pink / I just need to take a bite / Do not tell your mom / kiss each other / die for each other / We are fresh for the summer “

These words were compared with those of Katy Kat I Kissed A Girl

“I kissed a girl and. I liked it / The taste of her pink chapstick”

While both songs are of the same theme, the railway also attracted Domino But Demi is unphased by his opponents – she defended her words Chirrup wrote:

Excellent on you, Demi! It seems that the singer is to keep cool for the summer . LOLz!

Mariah Carey Loves Mobile Gaming! The Songstress Will Replace Kate Upton As The New Face Of Game Of War: Fire Age!


When you reckon of approach games MMO Kate Upton would come to mind.

To be sure, it was the crazy mobile facial accomplishment freemium War Game! Fire Age game – until now

It was reported that the new face of the ordinary game is not anything more than Mariah Carey

diva just safe and sound a very valuable affair in the mobile game, where Mimi will be numerous promotional shoots, the main objective is a 30-following money-building

[See also :. Mariah Carey Bares Major Leg In Paris! ]

The shooting will last two days and is now helmed by boss Terminator Genisys This may seem like a huge manufacture for a mobile game, but War Game generates about $ 1 million per day!

It is believed that the Infinity singer will bring a musical constituent exposure, building exact sense why she was brilliant

Any So Mariah has some BIG armor exact – check Kate in the first ticket

<(see below!)! - PEREZ VIDEO ->

Did Drake Back Out Of Tidal To Sign A Deal With Apple? Deets HERE!


Does this mean we must not Drake and Jay Z collaborations wait?

According to intelligence, the Degrassi star, the rapper was was absolutely set on one of the few elected partners (not) the streaming benefit Music Jay are Tidal .

But it turns out that the Canadian would help just days before to the huge launch event in March

Tiresome to plot

[Photo:.! Shirtless Drake is the up-to-the-small thing! ]

And to add salt to the wound, new intelligence this week that Drizzy have signed up for a guest DJ for Apple ‘s ancient new iTunes Radio, which will be unveiled next week at the Worldwide Developers Talks affair.

Place the knife, Drake!

Sorry to say for Jay Z, Tidal was perfectly incorrect for some moolah, which puts a strain on to make his – certified -. link with his wife Beyoncé ©

Since Drake would machinate with Apple, Jay will be able to turn the tide for its streaming benefit? Let us know what you reckon in the observations!

Elizabeth Smart And Her Husband Welcome A Baby Girl To The World! Congrats To The New Momma!


Who can not dredge up Elizabeth Smart , the girl kidnapped from her Utah home as a 14-year-ancient in 2002, and the essential being paid away from and rescue of his captors?

Well, after overcoming accomplishment 13 years ago a terrible circumstances, Elizabeth now has a additional wits to celebrate HUGE! – Her new baby girl

27 years, and her partner Matthew Gilmour , welcomed a daughter named Chloe for the world, there are about three months! Yay!

But wait … how just so no one to hear about this pregnancy so long

[Correlated: No Baby Momma Drama With Elizabeth Smart, but we can 't mean the same thing Chris Brown ...]

As it stands, the limb of the clergy of Elizabeth Ed was in fact the first self in the family tree even to speak freely about the birth which took place way back in February: ….

“It’s fantastic Elizabeth was just a girl of three months ago about Chloe We are so excited [The birth was] absolutely confidential. This is a touch they keep to themselves and do not try to get there.

Congratulations to the new ???? care for and her partner, and best desires for a pleased and healthful girl!

Chris Brown’s Baby Momma Wants A LOT More Child Support Than She Was Getting Before! But Why???


Chris Brown may need to get his wallet wide open for it.

care for Nia Guzman is being paid $ 2,500 a month in child help for their daughter free , but rumor has it that Brisk baby bunged paying actor March

[See also: Chris Brown and his daughter to take the red carpet collectively].

So Nia’s attorney is filing ID to the payment of $ 2,500 up to $ 15,000! Why do they need so many? Since Nia says Add distress since of Nia must be cheap any

Hmmmâ ?? |.

Oh, and she also wants child help again as well. But according to intelligence, Chris will just try to find a key.

View ???